Information about the company

About our company

TM Packing - a Ukrainian brand, the main focus of which is the production and sale of cardboard sleeves for the production and packaging adhesive tape and stretch film.

Our company started its activity 12 years ago, in 2004, and since then is in a stage of dynamic growth. We are steadily expanding markets, thanks to competent management and a flexible distribution network. Today the company has a significant presence. This became possible thanks to such key points:

  • TM Packing focused on customer needs. Our company responds rapidly to changing demand trends and accurately meet him. The interests of our customers is always a priority of senior management;
  • High standards. TM Packing works exclusively on quality, so that the credibility of the brand is growing every year;
  • TM Packing open for communication with the consumer. We believe that the effective growth of the quality of products is not possible without the opinion of the end user. Therefore, our company creates a comfortable environment for client feedback;
  • Packing TM Stable growth is due to enter new markets for our products;
  • Modern equipment that uses TM Packing for production allows for large volumes in a short time.

TM Packing - a collection of experience, motivated employees and well-developed business strategy. By choosing our brand, you can be sure of perfect quality at the best market prices!

Additional benefits of TM Packing

Our company is serious about its image and develop brand awareness. Thanks to some distinctive features, you will be able to determine the authenticity of our brand.

Box of white cardboard

We only use original packaging for our products, so that every customer can be assured of the high quality of purchased goods.

  • Three-layer corrugated cardboard

For the production of containers for the packaging of our products, we use a three-layer corrugated cardboard. Long-term transportation and unfavorable conditions Tranport, multiple loading and multi-level storage, thanks to this package will not be able to harm the product, it will be stored in the form of an attractive product.

  • Marking on the box

To avoid confusion, we will mark the boxes that allow you to quickly navigate to the products arrived.

  • General pasting boxes along the perimeter

These measures will further protect the product from external influences, as well as facilitate the sorting of goods in the warehouse.

  • Thermoresistant paper

We pack in shrink wrap adhesive tape for 6 pieces, which ensures its protection and retains its presentation.

  • Label

Each video tape from TM Packing has a label, which contains information about the process and to the use of this product. This makes it easy to find the right kind of tape or other products, and also use it for other purposes.

  • Sleeve

We use a multi-layer solid bushing, through which you can greatly speed up a dispensary and machine guns. In addition, the sleeve zabrendirovana our logo, which will make it easy to find items on the counter of our brand!